2019 Issue, PENRO Corner

Heeding and Imbibing DENR Core Values

by Achilles Anthony C. Ebron
OIC, PENR Officer of Surigao del Sur

DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu signed and issued a Department Memorandum Circular No. 2019-02  dated June 19, 2019 promoting the adoption of the agency’s core values in order to inspire public trust and sustain the highest degree of professionalism among DENR employee in the faithful observance to the agency’s mandate. This core values can be defined based on the  acronym DENR, which stands for Discipline Excellence Nobility Responsibility. The DMC 2019-02 explain the essences of each core values as follows:

Discipline is valuing people, valuing work and valuing the organization. Discipline is a moral obligation that shall be observed by all DENR employees. By imbibing discipline, employees will value their work thereby valuing their services to the people and the country. Discipline shall be considered in the performance of the multi-disciplinary role of the organization in the environment.

Excellence is enhancing competencies, enforcement of environmental laws and advancing goal. To achieve organizational goal and effectively enforce its mandate in implementing environmental laws, the DENR workforce shall endeavor to enhance their competencies to provide excellent and quality service, both locally and internationally.

Nobility is exemplifying integrity and net-working with compassion, pride and honor. DENR  employees shall manifest nobility in character – quality of being morally and spiritually good to demonstrate integrity at all times.

Responsibility is being committed, accountable and transparent. DENR employees shall commit to promote transparency and accountability in the performance of their duties. They shall take responsibility for their actions, guided by the requirements of the law.

The DMC urged every DENR employee to internalize the DENR Core Values to achieve high standard of public service in dealing with co-employees and delivering the needed services to external service provider, accredited suppliers, and other public clients.

Always pursue and take heed that you are DENR employee who continuously endeavor to have the Discipline, Excellence, Nobility, and Responsibility whatever you think, speak, and do in everywhere and at ALL TIMES.

We then encourage every DENR-PENRO Surigao del Sur personnel to always remember, promote and commit to adopt our agency’s core values in our daily lives – in our thoughts, words and actions in performing our duties and responsibilities in DENR. Always pursue and take heed that you are DENR employee who continuously endeavor to have the Discipline, Excellence, Nobility, and Responsibility whatever you think, speak, and do in everywhere and at all times.

Remember and take heed of our DENR core values, mandate, mission and vision wherever you are – when you are entertaining both internal and external clients; when you write a memorandum, office report or news feature articles; when you go to field to conduct investigation, LAWIN patrolling, IEC or CEPA campaign; when you participate to meetings, trainings, and other relevant capability building activities; when dealing with 8888 complaints; when you post comments and photos in your social media; when transacting suppliers or contractors; when answering telephone call; when replying or sending text messages; when planning, budgeting, accounting or liquidating expenses; when managing waste at home or anywhere, and even when you eat, drink (have you use plastic?), and communicating with your own friends and family members— every single day. Through this simple but consistent acts, we can heed and imbibe the DENR core values and mandate in our daily life.

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