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DENR Surigao del Sur celebrates ICC 2019 and 119th PCSA with coastal cleanup and family day

By Johny S. Natad

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) and the 119th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) – two significant events for the month of September celebrated by DENR Surigao del Sur personnel by conducting coastal cleanup and family day activities.

Lead by OIC, PENR Officer Achilles Anthony C. Ebron, the DENR-PENRO Tandag personnelinitiated a joint coastal cleanup and family day on September 17, 2019 held at at Matho Beach Cortes, Surigao del Sur.

CENRO Lianga undertaken the ICC at the coast of Barangay Purisima, town of Tago with a stretch of 621 meters cleanup area on September 20, 2019 participated by 207 participants coming from various groups who collected 98 sacks with an estimated of 686 kg. of various solid wastes.

ICC at Tago coast with CENRO Lianga. CENRO Lianga conducts coastal cleanup at Barangay Purisima, Tago, Surigao del Sur on September 20, 2019 by 207 participants coming from various groups who collected 98 sacks with an estimated of 686 kg. of various solid waste gathered within 621 meters coast. (Photo file CENRO Lianga)

CENRO Cantilan held a number of cleanup drives at Carrascal on September 25 and at Cantilan and Lanuza on September 21. The coast cleaned are along the Baywalk in Doyos and Baybay, Carrascal, San Pedro in Cantilan and Boulevard at Zone II in Lanuza. A total of 222 participants joined the activity. At the end of the day, 33 trash bags were filled with various kinds of waste. The most numerous waste collected were food wrappers with 2,873 counts, cigarette butts with 2,164 and plastic beverage bottles with 1,075 counts. The collected trash weighed approximately 187 kilograms and the cleanup total area distance covered is 7.2 kilometers.

The CENRO Bislig conducted the cleanup to five districts of Barangay Mangagoy, Bislig City particularly within the coasts of Caramcam, Market Site, Bonggaitan and Gamaon Districts were cleared with marine debris of about 3.02 kilometers.

Recognizing participants on ICC in Bislig. A total of 901 participants, the biggest group of ICC volunteers in Surigao del Sur this year represented by various groups from government agencies, civil society, academe, and private institutions gather for a big annual ICC event at Mangagoy district, Bislig City on September 21, 2019. Participants cleared 3.02 kilometers coast of Mangagoy with 3,730 kilograms of waste. (Photo file CENRO Bislig)

A total of 901 participants gather in Bislig ICC site composed of 527 males and 374 females who participated cleanup drive composed of LGU Bislig, Philippine Coast Guard, Bislig City Water District, University of Southeastern Philippines, Southern Technological Institute of the Philippines, Department of Public Works and Highways, 75th IB, 4ID Philippine Army, Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, CLEAN Philippines, 1504th RRIBn, DENR-Mechanized and Modernized Forest Nursery, ERDB-Forest and Wetland Research Development Ecosystems Center, SURSECO-I, DENR-CENRO Bislig and other private firms who cleaned and gathered a total of 253 trash bags with an estimated weight of 3,730 kilograms.

Celebrating the ICC 2019 and 119th PCSA. DENR-PENRO Surigao del Sur personnel lead by OIC, PENR Officer Achilles Anthony C. Ebron (center) spearheading the joint coastal clean-up in celebration of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) and Family Day in the observance of the 119th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) at Beloy Beach, Barangay Matho, Cortes, Surigao del Sur on September 17, 2019. (Photo by Johny S. Natad)

The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is an annual environmental celebration to engage people around the world to remove trash and debris from beaches and waterways, to identify the sources of the litter, and to change the behaviors that cause pollution. The ICC Philippines encourage everyone to be responsible guardianship of the sea, highlight our underwater cultural heritage and promote a more environment-friendly lifestyle and Unite all concerned citizens towards finding a solution to preserving and protecting our ocean. This year’s ICC theme is “Battle for Litter-Free Seas: Ending the Flow of Trash at the Source”.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Civil Service Anniversary (PCSA) month is celebrated on September of every year which has been declared as the Civil Service Month per Proclamation No. 1050, s. 1997. This year marks the 119th PCSA with the theme “Civil Service at 119: Upholding and Building a High-Trust Society”. (JSN with reports from CENROs)

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