2019 Issue, Feature Article 2019

A Faith to Nature:Releasing of 25 Green Sea Turtle Hatchlings


As the world changes fast, human beings’ real role slowly vanishes—a role to rule over all creatures from the land to the water which is fading due to the introduction of newer preferences in life. But the nature is demanding us to go back to basic, to look on priorities and to work with it.

With the urge and the call to change, we, rather than all of the time, work for a greater metamorphosis for our own convenience and neglected to work for the environment which is our niche, our source and our home. We continually work for our satisfaction and became greedy to the nature.

Yet, not all humans were already corrupted by this acquisitive call. Fortunate for this generation to have a group of people or even an individual boldly stand for the welfare of our nature which definitely envisioned the welfare of their community.

In fact, an incident on the existence of 25 marine turtle hatchlings at Barangay Antipolo, Marihatag, Surigao del Sur was responded immediately by CENRO Lianga thru the rapport interest of the community to pass on the report for a prompt action.

A certain fisherman named Narciso Sampiano accidentally caught a 25 half palm-sized marine turtle hatchlings while lowering down his gill nets to do his usual fishing within the municipality water of San Agustin last August 29, 2019;thereupon, all species were turned-over directly to Margie Duero, Municipal Councilor and SB Committee on Environment. Afterwards, Duero handed over the caught species to Pepito Plaza, Chairman of the Antipolo Fisherfolks and Mangrove Sustainable Association (AFMASA), a CBFM People’s Organization (PO) which one of its objectives is to protect and conserve the environment.

“The community already knew of the prohibited acts and the objectives of this PO thru Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns, thus, the species were entrusted to us for safekeeping before releasing to the wild” said Adelsa Plaza, PO Secretary, during the on-site verification of CENRO-Lianga personnel and staff on the reported incident.

After five days of being nurtured by the PO, the hatchlings identified as Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) due to the presence of their one-pair prefrontal scales were released at the seashore of Brgy. Antipolo on September 02, 2019 led by EMS II Rufino Miranda, PABEU Focal Person, with the presence of PO member.

Zealous Sea Turtle. Pawikan hatchlings are excited as they crawl to meet the sea during the releasing at the seashore of Barangay Antipolo, Marihatag, Surigao del Sur on September 02, 2019

As the nature gives its faith to us as the stewards and educators, so must we to ourselves and to the nature.

Upon the interview with the PO, there might be possible spawning site of Pawikan within the barangay or the municipality, and that site is yet to be known and monitored. However, the PO committed to keep in link with the department for likely environmental-related occurrence encounter.

Must it be stated that a well-informed community about the laws will be a great partner for a one big goal of all—a clean and healthy environment. As the nature gives its faith to us as the stewards and educators, so must we to ourselves and to the nature. We must work by the nature, for the nature and with the nature. (SRPM/ CENRO-Lianga)

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